5pcs Mop and Broom Holder Wall Mounted Garden Storage Rack

5pcs Mop and Broom Holder Wall Mounted Garden Storage Rack

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You can simply screw into a wall by the holder of high-quality spring steel. With only a click holder, it keeps your shovels, brooms and other gardening to a stem thickness of up to 5cm secure. You can find the device holder use in garages, sheds, garden sheds and even in homes.


- Material: Metal.
- Size: 5 * 5 *4cm /1.97 * 1.97 * 1.57.1inch.
High-quality spring steel.
- With a click secure hold.
- Clear arrangement of household and garden equipment and tools.
- Long lifetime through high-quality processing.
- The abrasion-resistant rubber rollers and buffers guarantee a long lifetime.

- 5 position wall organizer for handled tools.
- Easy release by lifting the handle, rolling balls automatically adjust to each handle's thickness and grips it securely.
- Holds Wide Variety of Tools: Not only organizes brooms, mops but any tool with a hook.

- Each ball holds up to 7 pounds of weight. Do not use this for rakes and shovels. they will be too heavy.
- The diameter size of broom/mop handles fits: 18mm - 28mm.

- Attached to the wall by screws.
- Mount brooms, mops, shovels and rake easily, instead of leaning the brooms to the wall and in the corners.


1. Hold the wall organizer up to the wall or door where you want to mount it.
2. Level the wall organizer, and mark the mounting holes.
3. Drill six holes, insert anchors.
4. Attach using the three screws.
5. Hang up your broom or tools.