We’re all trying to do our part to attempt further spiking of the coronavirus, COVID-19 in our communities and flatten the curve

For most of us, that means staying at home unless absolutely necessary, especially as more states issue ordinances shutting down bars, restaurants, gyms and other public gathering locations, or even “shelter in place” orders.

For those of us who like to work out, this could mean an interruption of our normal fitness routine and schedule…but then again it doesn’t have to be. Thanks to social media, several trainers are giving the masses at-home workouts (#quarantineworkouts) and more in order to make sure we stay fit (and sane) during these trying times.
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Saturday #athomeworkout Double tap to SAVE + TAG your workout partner ————————————————– WEIGHT USED: Body / Light Chair – MAIN WORKOUT: 4 Rounds / 40s Active / 20s Rest Between each Exercise – 1⃣Hip Bridge 2⃣Toe touch 3⃣Squat Jumps to Seated 4⃣Military Plank Snap Jumps – Now is as great time to find creative alternatives to movements in the gym that you may not currently have equipment for. I hope you guys give this #chairworkout a try . . . . . . . . . . #nogymnoproblem #igfit #fitnessforwomen #fatburningworkout #consistencyiskey #bodyweightexercises #fatlossjourneyWorkout inspired by @mrandmrsmuscle @igfitmoms @thefitmomsclub

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Happy Monday people!! Hope all is well and I pray everything is safe with you and your family. I officially closed my gym today until April 13th due to government regulations. However, this is my reminder to you that we have to stay locked it, don’t let the unfortunate circumstances of our country to dismay you or alter your life alt="🙏🏾" class="wp-smiley"/> —————————————————————————— We will be conducting LIVE “Zoom” sessions Monday – Thursday, both morning & evening! Let me know if your interested. If you’re home today & have nothing to do, feel free to knock out this #LegWorkout that will sure give you a BURN from the pits ! FAITH ——> fear —————————————————————————— #QuarantineWorkout #QuarantineandChill #BodyWeightTraining #NoEquipment #HomeWorkouts #InHomeWorkout #CantStopWontStop #Covid19 #CoronaVirusWorkout #AtlFitness

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Sculpt sexy arms, abs, & legs with this combo of Sprint, Hop, Sprawl, Climb #fullbody #fitnessmotivation #quarantineworkout #covidfitness #covidhomeworkout #challengeforchange #virtualfitness #virtualfitnesscoach

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Say it with me, “I will not get the Quarantine-15” – You don’t need to many exercises or too much time to workout at home on a regular basis and get the benefits. Try this: – Rotating Kneels 3 x 12 Plank Pushups 3 x 20 Bear Pushups 3 x 10 180 Degree Lunges 3 x 10 – LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE

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Leg day at home Static Lunges Squat Pulses Single leg deadlifts Glute Bridges with AbductionAlt Reverse Lunges Frog Squats Bulgarian Split Squat Box Squat to calf raise/ jump Side Lunges Single Leg Hip Thrusters 3 sets 12 reps Keep those gains going!

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Finally coming out of hibernation to work out.TRY IT, SHARE IT, COMMENT. -5 burpees -10 push ups -15 kickbacks -20 squat jumps Try to complete 3-5 rounds… GOOD LUCK!!

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ISOLATION WORKOUT PART 1 {tag a friend} To lighten the mood as we are all stuck indoors, try these HIIT exercises using nothing but a broomstick which is a great core tool! Who needs a gym! Give these home exercises a try over the next few weeks… guaranteed to give you a good workout! . 1⃣ Alternate lunges 2⃣ Squat crossovers 3⃣ single leg deadlift rows4⃣ V-sit ups5⃣ Jumping jacks6⃣ Squat sidekicks7⃣ Broom burpees “Be the best version of you!” #motivation #workout #workoutmotivation#workoutvideo #isolation #isolationworkout #homeworkout #hiit #abs #core #hiitworkout #getinvolved #stayinshape #noexcuses #joinin #wedoitbetter #like #share #bethebestversionofyou #fitness #gym #fitfam #visuals #videooftheday #workoutoftheday #coronavirus #pt #personaltrainer #TCFit

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Whether you’re a novice or seasoned exerciser, don’t let corona keep you from your fitness goals.

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