We all know that a clean bathroom floor is essential to a clean and healthy home

Many of us have probably cleaned or thought we have a pretty good idea of how to clean a bathroom floor. Yes, it is pretty standard work, but there may be some effective and important steps to getting the floor clean so that it stays that way you did not think of. Read on to find out five simple steps to getting and keeping bathroom floors clean from listing agents that have these conversations all the time.
Clear the Floor 
“Pull everything that is freestanding out of the bathroom so you can easily access all parts of the floor. This can include stools, trash cans, bath toys, rugs, small storage units, organizers, etc. Now is a great time to stick those bath rugs in the washer. ” – Seattle Condo Agent Kris Swierz
Remove Loose Dirt and Dust 
This will make the mopping process much easier. Grab a broom or a vacuum set to the hard surface floor setting and do a thorough job of removing all the loose dirt and dust on the floor.  
There are a few different methods of doing this. The most important thing to remember is: make sure you have the correct cleaning solution for your flooring type. We prefer to use what is called a “dry mop” method. This is where you use a mop with a removable pad head (similar to a Swiffer style sweeper) and a spray bottle full of cleaner. Simply spray your floor-friendly cleaner a few times on a dirty area of the floor and then scrub with the mop. Make sure to have a few extra mop heads on hand, especially if the floor is pretty dirty. You don’t want to use a dirty mop head it will just spread the dirt around your floor instead of removing it.” Annette Mejia, Big Island Realtor®  

Other mopping methods include a good old fashioned rag mop and bucket, hand washing, and steam mopping. With any method, you want to make sure the tools you are using are clean and fresh throughout the process so you are not just spreading dirt around the floor.  

Note: if you have natural stone floors be very careful to use a cleaner that is made specifically for your type of stone. It is not uncommon for people to use a standard store-bought floor cleaner on their stone, but this can cause a lot of damage. Before you use any cleaner read the label to see if it specifically states it is safe for your floor.  
“This step is all too often forgotten. Once people are done with mopping they leave the soapy water to dry and move on to the next task. The best way to ensure your floor stays clean is to rinse the cleaning solution from the floor with plain water and a rinsed out mop or fresh mop head. ” Rick Stoddard – Cabin Construction in Snohomish County 
Once all of the soap has been rinsed from the floor you want to dry it. Rinsing and drying are important. You do not want to leave soap residue to dry on the floor. It will attract more dirt to the floor and it will be dirty again in a short time. To make your cleaning efforts last longer, you want to rinse off the cleaning solution and then dry the floor. 

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