Spring Into Action: Waste You Can Upcycle

As a homeowner, you’re likely accumulating a lot of waste over the course of a few days/weeks, and it’s important that if you’re not properly recycling or throwing it out, you do something productive with it all. Below are just a few upcycling projects to think about when it comes to your waste and how you can give it new life without being too wasteful!Bottle DecorationsBottles made from glass can be a critical and extremely useful part of your arsenal of upcycled goods. Their long necks allow you to use them as mini vases, holders for pens/pencils, and even as an apparatus to store things like olive oil, with the right top installed. Additionally as a bonus, a bottle cutter and some sandpaper can turn used and boring bottles into rounded glasses to reuse, wash, and fill with your favorite beverages.
CutleryIf you’ve ever thought to yourself about becoming someone who works with metal, old cutlery can be a great place to start! By bending, cutting and contorting them in specific ways, you’re able to affix them onto a wall, onto a wood board or something similar, and use them as a key holder, jacket holder, or even a horizontal rack to put a long broom or umbrella on. Give this a shot before you throw that precious steel away!Cookie CuttersOld aluminum cans are perfect solutions for those cookie cutter shapes you just can’t seem to find in stores. By carefully cutting the cans and taping them in a way that forms shapes, you can use them (once clean and edged) to cut raw cookie dough into fun and intricate shapes that turn boring cookie designs into something totally unique and fun!

Remember, recycling doesn’t have to mean the end of a product’s life -- upcycling turns things into new projects and ideas that help you stay green and creative for years to come!

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