Service businesses are all around u

s. These businesses can be found at malls, airports, train stations, small towns, big cities, and even booked online. You’ve hired more than one of these businesses if you’ve ever had your shoes fixed, hair cut, nails done, oil changed, roof repaired, AC inspected or food catered. Each of these small businesses fit into the category of a local service business.

A service business provides a specialized professional service for customers. Some of the most common services you’ve likely hired out are from the home services industry that’s forecast to reach $1.333 billion by 2026. Professions like plumbers, A/C repair, and electricians all fit into this broad category.

While the need for service businesses continues to grow annually so does the competition. It’s important that you identify a business name that truly stands out. If you’re planning to start one of these in-demand businesses, I’ve come up with more than 500 name ideas you can use broken out by category below. Let’s get to it.

Service Business Name Ideas
Delivery Service Business Name Ideas
Ironing Service Business Name Ideas
Cleaning Service Business Name Ideas
Food Service Business Name Ideas
Tree Service Business Name Ideas
Car Service Business Name Ideas
Repair Service Business Name Ideas
Unique Service Business Name Ideas

Service Business Name Ideas

Here are some of the all-purpose service business names you can use.

Leather Together Shoe Shine
Jingle’s Key Duplicator
Big Books Book Binding Services
Pristine Water Refilling Service
Sunny Side Salon
Pretty in Pink Nail Art
Zoom Delivery
Jet Setter Airline Ticketing
Safety Steering Driving School
The Good Guys Plumbing Service
The Number Experts Accounting Company
Helping Hands Consultancy
Flawless Facials
Sole Mate Shoe Repair
Instant Clean Laundry
Oven Beginnings Bakery
Heavy Helpers Hauling Services
Fantastic Eats Catering Services
Diggers Plumbing
Home Care Pest Control Services
Park and Drive Car Rental
Suds All Around Car Wash
Easy Lifting Towing Service
Perfect Press Laminating Service
First Impressions Printing Service
Cycle Away Bike Repair
Mobile Doctor Cellphone Repair
Hooked Up Computer Station
Computer Repair
Thread ‘n Needle Alterations
Shiny Smiles Dental Services
Brainiacs Tutoring Center
High Places Roof Installers
Space Masters Garage Storage
Muscle Makers Fitness
Creating The Scene Events Coordination
Flowery Days Florists
In The Zone DJ Services
Party Starters Hosting Services
The Bakery Project
Brew Guys Barista
Network Love Computer Repairs
Razor Brothers Barber Shop
A+ Dental Services
Bare It All Waxing Services
Fly Away Airline Ticketing
B Convenience Bills Payments
Shine ‘n Ride Car Wash
Ka-ching! Money Exchange
Dust Away Cleaning Services
Wash and Press Dry Cleaning Services
Culinary Delights Catering
Smashing Styles Interior Design
Vivid Photography
The Pest Eliminators
The Clean Team Plumbing Service

Delivery Service Business Name Ideas

Delivery services are one of the most popular services widely used.

To Go
Online Foodies
Food Crazies
Yum on Wheels
Mister Delivery
The Deliverers
Package Express
Drop Off People
Flash Delivery
Speedy Delivery
Express Couriers
Efficient Handlers
Door to Door Delivery
Prompt Packages
Round The Clock
The Daily Package
Fearless Delivery
Shazaam! Delivery
Swift Courier
The Package Specialist
Mails and More
The Transport Experts
Safe Travels
Delivery Buddies
Mr. Speedy
Expert Messengers
The Courier Carriers
Bon Voyage
Deliver O’clock
Delivery Agents
Ultimate Package Dealers
Package Bringers
Happy Time Delivery
The D Men
Delivery Divas
Package Solutions
Dependable People
Careful Couriers
Complete Couriers
Special Delivery
Greetings Couriers
Us 2 You
Delivery Pls!
The Moving Couriers
One Click Delivery
Errand Finishers
Quick Handlers
Delivery Bros
Reliable Guys
Beyond Errands
Parcel Masters
Ensure Delivery
Zap Delivery
Whiz Couriers
Parcel Pros

Ironing Service Business Name Ideas

Ironing is a niche service business you can start.

Crease Away
Iron Lady
Miss Iron
Mom’s Touch
Ironing Pros
Steam It Up
Quick Touch Up
Iron It Now!
Heat It Up
Smooth Everything

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Gentle Press
Iron Hands
Simple Press
Elegant Ironing
Iron Queen
Next Level
Iron Sweep
Trusted Hands
Supreme Ironing
Iron Wow!
Expert Hands
Miss Perfect
Luxury Presses
Fiery Ironing
Iron Happy
Iron Women
Prestige Presses
Feel The Heat
Crease Erasures
All Clean!
The Modern Iron
To The Edge
Iron Express
Super Presses
The Grand Iron
Smooth Clothing
Errand Finisher
Crease Removers
Smooth Fabrics
Clothes Master
Iron Lab
The Big Press
Steam Away
Flawless Fabrics
The Golden Iron
Cosmic Ironing
Iron Hours
The Clothing Treatment
Iron Hub
Iron All
Instant Dapper
Like It Neat
Ultra Ironing
High Heat

Cleaning Service Business Name Ideas

There are plenty of residential homes in need of professional cleaning services.

The Broom Club
Wipe Attack
Clean Queens
Grime Removers
Dirt Busters
Spotless Cleaners
Anytime Helpers
The Neat Dream Team
Magic Touch
Polish Crew
Shine Everyday
Sparkling Clean
Perfect Cleaning
Magic Maids
Cleaning Pros
Housekeeping Experts
No Stress Cleaning
Sweet Cleaners
Power Cleaners
Corner To Corner Cleaners
New Looks
Squeaky Cleaners
Fantastic Floors
Clean Sweet Home
Town Sweepers
Vacuum Express
After Cleaners
Wash Away
Comfy Cleaners
Buzzer Beaters
Mess Rescuers

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Keeping It Clean
Miss Sparkles
Super Sweepers
Specialty Cleaning
Bright Homes
Clean Living
Excellent Sweeps
Community Cleaners
Dash Cleaning
Keen Eyes
Cleaning Perfectionist
Everyday Cleaners
Discreet Cleaning
Neat Fairies
Cleaner’s Express
Detailed Cleaning
The Cleaning Generals
Maximum Clean
Spotless Service
Real Cleaning
The Supreme Cleaning Team
Gleaming Crew
Sparkle Services
The Cleaning Company

Food Service Business Name Ideas

Caterers help companies and individuals host events.

Ultimate Eats
Taste and See
Fresh Eats
Food Advantage
Enchanting Eats
Food Fusion
Gourmet Gateway
The Hot Skillet
Affordable Cuisine
Delicious Senses
Savory Services
Gourmet Experts
All The Courses
Acquired Tastes
The Healthy Palate
Delectable Dishes
Taste of Fusion
Spacious Kitchen

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Elegant Tastes
More Than Just Salads
The Savory Edge
Finest Feasts
After Eats
Fresh Finds
Divine Delicacies
Taste Test
Feast Classics
The Dining Experience
Mouthwatering Courses
Tastebuds Family
Veggie Heaven
Dining Delights
Flavorful Eats
Supreme Sweets
Mobile Feast Solutions
Mom’s Picks
Grandma’s Touch
The Big Plate
Fresh and Crisp
Spork Adventures
Delectably Delicious
Pot Luck Experts
Specialty Feasts
Mediterranean Delights
Homemade Everything
Sweet and Savory
Colorful Kitchen
Explosive Tastes
The Golden Plate
Savory Situation
Banquet Ideas
Fresh Catch
Delish Scene

Tree Service Business Name Ideas

Offer your landscaping services.

Green Discovery
Tall Adventures
Outside Scenery
Plants Etc.
Green Growers
Natural Shades
The Great Outdoors
Backyard Experts
Landscape Solutions
Terrain Team
Planter Pros
Tree Haulers
Outdoor People
Tree Adventurers
Backyard Beautificators
Environmental Fam
Tree Conversations
Earth Lovers
Clean Air Advocators
Root Answers
Backyard Friends
Outside Experience
Landscape Bros
Plant Queens
Outdoor Happiness
Extreme Landscaping
Backyard Brothers
Tree Etc.
Outdoor Décor
Grassy Living
Outdoor Masters
Shade Lovers
Green Project
The Green Service
Evergreen Lovers
Tree Time
Tree’s Company
The Best of Outdoors
Garden Express
Tree Master
Garden Lovin’
Nature Express
Outdoor Resources
Tree Finds
Root Source
Garden Planners
Tree Resources
Backyard Vibes
Chill Zone
Backyard Destinations
Landscape Ideas
Shade Resources
Evergreen Services
Tree Explorers
Ground Experts

Car Service Business Name Ideas

As long as there are cars on the road there will be a need for repairs.

A+ Rentals
Vroom Automotive
Car Care
Four Wheel Spa
Engine Experts
Tune Up
Speedy Services
The Auto Project
Trusty Wheels
The Car Clinic
Car Fam
Engine Whisperers
The Community Garage
Car Solutions
Driver Care
Car Convos
Car City
Automobile Haven
The Car Shop
Fast Hands
Ideal Cars
Car Convenience
Exclusive Autos
Tire Wonderland
Automobile Thrills
Rim Selections
4 Wheel Services
Glitz Me Up
Xtreme Autos
Dream Cars
One Touch Wonder
Perfect Wheels
Your Garage
Bold Mechanics
Tire Divine
Four Wheel Deals
Good as New
The Engine Club
Barely There
Car Magic
Fabulous Rides
Car-azy Deals
Super Cars
Fine Motors
Custom Experts
Car Empire
CAr Crafts
Vehicle Transformers
Motor Guys
Repair Management
Drive Away
Vision Solutions
Engine Enhancers
Complete Creations
The Finishing Touch

Repair Service Business Name Ideas

Are you good at repairing a specific type of equipment or vehicle?

Fix It Boise
A to Z Repairs
Repair Masters
Awesome Handyman
Call To Fix
Budget Repairs
Fixer Uppers
Maintenance Guys
Perfect Repairs
Speedy Fixers
House Renovators
Premier Repairs
House Handlers
Digital Technicians
House Projects
An Extra Hand
The Big Crew
Wow Repairs
Computer Doctors
Digital Handymen
Phone Tinkers
Digital Fixers

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The Computer Clinic
The Door Guys
Urban Fixers
Working Men
Working Women
Home Advantage
The Muscle Group
House Evolution
Electric Gals
At Home
The Fixers
Home Repairs 101
Basic Fixes
One Call Away
The Maintenance Peeps
Tool Wielders
House Care
House Heroes
Hardy Boys
Plumbing Pros
Super Repairs
The Good Guys
Helpful Hands
One Hour Wonders
Awesome Remodelers
Fabulous Floors
Supreme Team
Total Home Renovators
Repair Hub
Furniture Restoration Guys
The Handy Neighbor
Power Force
Water Works
Firm Foundation
Guardian Angels
Handy Gang
House Doctors

Unique Service Business Name Ideas

Offer niche services in your area.

Leak Free Plumbing
Antique Car Repair Specialists
The Analyzers Consultancy
Tech Doc Mobile Repair
Tummy Cravings Food Delivery Service
Fine Dine Catering
Advanced Auto Repair
Model T Outfitters
Smooth Designs Printing Press
Forever Evergreen Landscaping
Into The Deep Pool Cleaning Services
Heaven’s Laundry
Complete Transformation Cleaning Services
On the Dot Events
Errand Runners Delivery Service
Woodwork Challengers
Next Adventure Van Outfitters
Dynamite Car Repair
Chow O’clock Food Service
Cyber Eyes Security Systems
Sun Hours Solar Power Installation
Happy Shelter Roof Installation
Comfort Place House Cleaning
The Healthy Tummy Catering
Gentle Brewers Barista
Field of Dreams Florists
Scrub a Dub Laundry
Techno Whiz Computer Repairs
Big Signs Billboards
Bouncy Buns Bakery
Sole Sisters Shoe Repair
Take The Wheel Car Rental
Impressions Dental Services
Best Friends’ Hub Pet Grooming
Pressing Matters Ironing Service

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Doorbell Dudes Delivery
Surprise Surprise! Gift Wrapping Service
Always Open Locksmiths
Mister Strong Self Defense Instructor
Next Journey Airline Ticketing
X-Plore Travel and Tours
Pups and Pals Dog Walkers
Rest and Relaxation Massage Service
New Fashion Tailoring Service
Number Thinkers Accountant
Focus Photography
Perfect Fit Alterations
Ever After Wedding Planners
Car Cleanse Car Wash
Office and Co. Business Consultancy
Flame On Personal Chef Services
Care Full Babysitters Services
Online Connections Social Media Marketing Service
iSpeak Language Learning Center
Software Solutions IT Services
Crystal Clear Window Washing Services
Luna Mobile Repair
Happy Tummies Catering
Hungry Bear Food Delivery service

And there you have it. Browse through these choices for your next service business name and get started in building your brand. Tell me which one caught your attention in the comment section below.

Keep in mind that many of these sorts of services business, you can actually start in your spare time on nights or weekends. If you offer a plumbing service that will visit houses on the weekend, you’ll actually create a nice niche for yourself if you’re willing to work the odd hours when your competitors are taking a breather.

The other advantage to starting a service business? You usually won’t need a lot of money to get started. You can even get your family members to pitch in and help you out in the early days. Let’s say for example you want to start a mobile car wash and vehicle detailing service. Assuming you’ve already got transportation, you’ve got most of what you need to get started for a few hundred dollars. A pressure washer, Squeegee, soaps, buckets, towels, shop vac and wax are all you need to get started on a budget. You can use any initial process to reinvest into better products and start building momentum.

I believe anyone with an ability to hustle, work hard, and follow some basic customer service and marketing principles can be successful in this type of low risk, high reward business startup.

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