Portland Kids Weekend Events: Jan. 24-26

Bring on the holidays! Thats right, the holidays arent over yet. Portland is celebrating the Lunar New Year with a bunch of spectacular events! Catch a parade, get crafty, or check out one of the many other activities our fair city has to offer. Read on to find out more.

photo: liana via flickr

SE Portland

Check Out Tallulahs Daddy at Know Thy Food
Join Tallulahs Daddy every at The Warehouse Cafe at Know Thy Food Co-op for musical fun!Tallulahs Daddy plays fun, energetic, interactive acoustic music for kids and families! Fri. Event Details.

Go See Studio Ghibli: My Neighbor Totoro
One of the most endearing and internationally renowned films of all time,MyNeighborTotoro is a deceptively simple tale of Satsuki and Mei, who move with their father to a new house in the countryside. They soon discover that the surrounding forests are home to a family of Totoros, gentle but powerful creatures who live in a huge and tree and are seen only by children. Sat. Event Details.

Watch Studio Ghibli: Kikis Delivery Service
Enjoy a delightfully imaginative film on the largest screen in Portland a beautiful and timeless story of a young girl finding her way in the world.


From the legendary Hayao Miyazaki comes the beloved story of a resourceful young witch who uses her broom to create a delivery service, only to lose her gift of flight in a moment of self-doubt. It is tradition for all young witches to leave their families on the night of a full moon and set out into the wide world to learn their craft. When that night comes for Kiki, she embarks on her life journey with her chatty black cat, Jiji, landing the next morning in a sea-side village, where a bakery owner hires her to make deliveries. Sun. Event Details.

N Portland

Dont Miss KiLoFriDay Featuring Zazzy Zoe and Mr. B
KiLoFri (Kind Loving Friend), which is the band name Zazzy Zoe & Mr. Ben use when they play together, plays every Friday at Mississippi Pizza Pub. This calls for a renaming of Friday; henceforth it will be known as KiLoFriday! Fri. Event Details.

SW Portland

Attend Oregon 2020 Lunar New Year Celebration
Dont miss this inaugural event at Keller Auditorium.2020 will be the first time that the Lunar New Year celebration is held in Keller Auditorium. It is also the first time that multiple Asian communities will come together to celebrate the Lunar New Year. The performances include top level ballet professionals performing a national award-winning piece, a Chinese National Level face-changing performer, international Wushu champions performing their best routines, and a variety of culture performances by well-known groups and individuals. There will also be art exhibits by well-known visual artists and craft workshops by popular culture organizations. Sat. & Sun. Event Details.

Youll Love Dragons Love Tacos
Your kids favorite book comes to life at Oregon Childrens Theatre! This hilarious, dance-filled journey into the field of Dragonology is equal parts ridiculous and delicious, and has all the ingredients for a fantastic time!

Head to Mochitsuki: Japanese New Year Celebration
Get the year off to a sweet start with this 24thannual family-friendly festival organized by PSU and community organizations.Mochi-tsuki is the pounding of individual rice grains into mochi, a sticky rice cake symbolizing the community coming together to celebrate the new year. All ages can enjoy mochi samples, food from a range of vendors, lively stage performances and hands-on activities. Sun. Event Details.

NW Portland

Experience the Lunar New Year Dragon Dance Parade
This celebration kicks off at NW Davis and 4th Avenue with fireworks and lion dances, then continues with a parade through Chinatown and downtown featuring a 100-foot dragon and more lion dances! It begins at 11:00 a.m. and ends at the Oregon Historical Society where activities will continue on throughout the afternoon ending at 3:30 p.m. Sat. Event Details.

Join the Lan Su Chinese Gardens Chinese New Year
Celebrate the Lunar New Year with Lan Sus two-week-long festivities. From opportunities to observe, like lantern viewing and lion dances, to hands-on activities like the wishing tree and family crafts, theres a little something for everyone.Hint:Go on the 25th when every guest receives ahong bao, or traditional lucky red envelope. Sat & Sun Event Details.

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