My 22 Goals for 2019

Goal #1 — Spend More Time Doing What I Love

Have I told you how much I enjoy my back patio? All the pots lined up, the little herb garden we planted under the kitchen window, the mini pumpkin vines that are beginning to climb the fence.

I love it all, the simplicity of the space. I can see how people could be totally content with a tiny patio space filled with potted plants and climbers.

Goal #2 — Garden, Garden, Garden

It’s been too hot to get any actual gardening done the past few days but man oh man, everything is in bloom and growing like mad. A few weeks ago the orange day lilies were in bloom, now the yellow ones are busting open. It’s like a dream come true I tell you. A dream come true.

Goal #3 — Plant an Orchard {Calling it Quits on this one for this year.}

Miss Lemon has a few more babies clinging to her.

Goal #4 — Gussy Up the Potting Shed Done!

Goal #5 — Grow Enough Extra Vegetables, Eggs and Flowers to Earn $1500 at my little roadside vegetable stand.

I’ll be lucky to hit $500 this year and that’s okay with me. We haven’t actually set out the little red farm stand the HH built for me last year yet as I’d rather have a full stand than just one with fresh basil and eggs right now. It’s been more fun this year to just give away our extras this season rather than sell them.

Pumpkin season though… that’s a whole different ball of wax.

Goal #6 — Finish Every Single Unfinished Rug Hooking Project in My Pattern Bin + 10 Things from back Issues of Magazines/Books I’ve Been Meaning to Make. 

I finished 1 pattern from my pattern bin this past week and 3 flowers {it’s too hot to hook I keep telling myself} but I better get crackin’ if I’m going to update my Etsy shop on Friday.

I started the year off with:
73 rugs in my pattern bin {now down to 40} 183 hooked flowers {finished 129, now down to 54} 10 “things” from back issues of magazines {finished 0}
Goal #7 — Create 12 New Rug Hooking Patterns {with at least half of them being large ones} DONE!

So far this year I’ve added 12 new rug hooking patterns and 13 beginner rug hooking kits to my Etsy shop and I’m hoping to add a two more on Friday.

New rug hooking patterns I’ve created and added to My Etsy Shop this year:
Tullia and Thomas Turkey Double Nantucket Whale Runner Miss Henny and Penny Miss Penny Simple Kitty Primitive Flowers 2 Fat Cats Annabell’s Big Day Old Fashioned Double Tulip Fat Brown Hen Busy Little Bee Queen Bee
Rug Hooking Kits
Busy Little Bee {in 2 different colors} Folk Art Heart Small Nantucket Whale Primitive Crow Miss Robin {in 2 different colors} Simple Kitty Primitive Flowers Sunflowers A Basket of Spring Posies Fat Brown Hen Chicky’s Garden
Goal #8 — Split and Stack 2 Cords of Wood for Next Winter 

Nothing yet.

Goal #9 — Do Something with the 5,002 Photos on My Phone

Down to 3641 photos. Finally making some progress!

Goal #10 –Lose the Muffin Top

Working on it. Turns out sweating off a muffin top is much, much more enjoyable than exercising.

Goal #11 — Run, Walk or Crawl a 5k, 10k, Half Marathon and Marathon

We are at day 33 on the turtle baby watch. According to the Google, hatching could occur anytime between 45-90 days. So you know, I can’t leave my post to go run a 5k or a half marathon because what if we have preemies? Better not chance it.

Goal #12 — Read or Listen to 26 New Books {15 down, 11 to go}

I wasn’t able to get The Gown on audiobook but I was able to get borrow a hard copy from the library the other day. I am only 4 chapters in and I am enjoying it so far. 🙂

Also, this past week I bought a Katie Daisy 2019 – 2020 On-the-Go Weekly Planner and I love it so much, I just had to tell you about it. It’s bright and colorful and has a little strappy do thing on the back that you can pull around to the front it to keep the calendar secure if you need to pack it up and take it somewhere {or throw it in a purse if you’re the big purse type}. 

I am waiting my turn on the library wait list for the following audio book{s}:
Grateful American
Books I’ve Read or Listened to So Far This Year:
Marilla of Green Gables #1 Favorite The Great Alone #2 The Aviator’s Wife #3 Before We Were Yours #4 Secrets of a Charmed Life #5 Where’d You Go, Bernadette #6 Carnegie’s Maid #7 The Alice Network #8 The Shape of Mercy #9 Will’s Red Coat #10 Big Little Lies #11 Bunny Mellon  {Doesn’t count because it was my second time} Walden Finder’s Keepers Delicious! Following Atticus
Goal #13 — Try 52 New Recipes.

18 down, 34 recipes to go.

Goal #14 — Clean Up 52 Old Recipes on the Blog

9 down, 44 to go. I’ll get crackin’ once fall {and cooler temps} come around.

Goal #15 — Fill 100 Canning Jars 41 down, 59 to go.

Still waiting for figs and peaches to hit my local farm stand. Hopefully we only have a bout another week or two to go!

So far this year I’ve I canned:
7 jars of Strawberry Jam 15 jars of Carrot Cake Jam 15 jars of Spiced Pear Jam  4 jars of Almond Pears.
Goal #16 — Finish Furnishing Our House

Instead of hunting for treasures at our local recycle center this past week, we actually dropped a few things off there and to our local town clothes closet. Our town has a little clothing swap shop that is open to all the residents in town where you can not only drop off your unwanted clothing, but bring home any clothing you want. And it’s all free. How cool is that?

Also, at the church puts up a free veggie stand in their side yard every summer to give away their extra garden produce. So not only could you totally furnish a house here for free, you can get free clothing and garden fresh veggies too. Neighbors helping neighbors. I love it.

Furniture pieces I’m still on the hunt for:
Coffee table for the family room Console, cupboard or sideboard for the one and only tv in our house which is in the family room. I could totally live without a television, but my husband says the tv stays. Long rectangular table for the craft room. Table for the formal dining room. 2 wing back chairs for the family room. I’d also like to decorate the mantel in the keeping room as well as put up some sort of decoration above the other 3 2 1 fireplaces in the house. I’m not one for a lot of things on the walls, but it would be nice to throw up a little pilgrim bling on the plaster.
Goal #17 – 52 Dates with the HH {24 down, 28 to go}

The HH and I were in the lovely town of Castine, Maine the other day checking out the waterfront area and getting an ice cream cone. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love coastal towns. There is just something so calm and relaxing about them. And New England, has about 20 million of them so it’s been fun to go exploring.

Goal #18 — Take One Adult Education Class Done {I’ve taken 2!}
I’m keeping the first class I took with my neighbor top secret for now Spoon Carving Class with Heather.
Goal #19 — Secret {for now} Holiday Project

The big reveal… Friday, September 13th, 2019.

Goal #20 — Create 12 Wowie Zowie Party Platters

4 down, 8 to go.

Goal #21 — Visit 12 General Stores

8 down 4 to go.

This past week we stopped by a cafe turned veggie market in the summertime that sells lettuce for $14 a pound and I’ll tell you all about it this week.

So far this year we’ve visited:
Squam Lake Marketplace Harrisville General Store Dodge’s Store in New Boston, New Hampshire Zeb’s General Store in North Conway, New Hampshire Dan and Whit’s in Norwich, Vermont Hussey’s General Store in Windsor, Maine
Goal #22 — Compete with Carole….. Get on My Front Door Game On

The bunting is still up.

Front Door Bling I’ve Made So Far This Year to Compete with Carole:
Late January : Valentine Heart Late February : Shamrock Late March : Giant Carrot May: White wave petunia hanging basket June/July: Tin Star and Flag Bunting

How about YOU? What are your goals for 2019? If you told us about them HERE, check in! We want to know how you are doing. Because seriously, it’s so much easier to get those goals checked off your list when you have people rooting for you! 🙂
You can read more about my 22 goals for 2019 HERE.
Have a Great Sunday!

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