Kitchen Gadgets to Help You Prep for Your Halloween Party

Halloween kitchen gadgets run the gamut from delightfully disgusting to creepy-cutesy. These are our favorite Halloween baking tools and serving pieces for prepping a perfect Halloween party spread.

Halloween celebrations should be irresistibly haunting and undeniably delicious. It isn’t only about decorations (although whose life isn’t improved by amber-eyed raven lights?) and recipes for haunting cookies, demonic apples, and blood-red punch. To create the perfect ambience, your food and drink need the right presentation, from cake to glass. That means shopping for prep, as well as plating.

Here are some of our favorite Halloween party food supplies, both for making your tricky treats and serving them up to your guests.
Scary Good Serving Pieces
Keep scrolling down for tools to help you prepare all your nasty nibbles (or less ooky options if you scare easily!), but whichever way you go, these pieces are perfect for presenting all your festive food and boos.
Wooden Halloween Serving Tray, $24.99 at Target

This spirit board-inspired serving tray is the perfect vehicle for cupcakes, cookies, or edible body parts (if you have a hard time choosing, you can buy a trio of brain, heart, and severed hand molds, which gives a new meaning to the term finger food).Buy Now
Halloween Broomstick Picks, 24 for $9 at Sur la Table
Sur la Table

A cheese plate is always welcome, and you can make one Halloween-themed with bright orange cheddar, purple-black fresh figs and grapes, bone-thin bread sticks, rosy folds of flesh (in the form of prosciutto and other charcuterie), olive eyeballs, and ruby-red fruit compote. Then let guests spear their desired tidbits with these charming witchy broom picks.Buy Now
Staub 3.5-Quart Pumpkin Cocotte in Matte Black, $179.96 t Sur la Table
Sur la Table

If you make something more substantial—say, butternut squash soup or a witches’ brew of chili—there’s no better way to bring it to the table than in a pumpkin-shaped cocotte, whether classic burnt orange or cauldron-black. Even if you’re not cooking, you can use it as a punch bowl (in which case, we’re partial to our Smoking Swamp Halloween Punch recipe).Buy Now
Skull Shot Glasses, 6 for $24.99 on Amazon
My Gift/Amazon

Shots will go straight to your head—twice if you serve them in these clear glass skulls.Buy Now
BarConic Skeleton & Ghost Tiki Mugs, $10.99 each on Amazon

Here’s a twist: Serve drinks tiki style (Zombie cocktail, anyone?), but make it scary. These skeletons will hold their liquor every time—and yours, too. But if you prefer something more spirited, the ghost glasses are equally great.Buy Now
Circleware Clear Glass Pumpkin Drink Dispenser, $39.99 at Walmart

Serving your punch out of a giant pumpkin is a move worthy of Jack Skellington himself—this one can be reused year after year and you don’t ever have to deal with pumpkin guts.Buy Now
Pine and Paint Resin Pumpkin Drink Holder, $37.97 on Amazon

While this resin pumpkin bowl isn’t safe for direct contact with food, you can absolutely fill it with ice and bottles of beer or wine—or use it to stash your fun-size candy bars for trick-or-treaters or party guests.Buy Now
Creepin’ It Cute
It’s a Halloween party, so you must have treats, but if you can’t stomach eating anatomically correct Jello molds, try these party supplies instead.
Nordic Ware Haunted Manor Bundt Pan, $30.99 on Amazon
Nordic Ware/Amazon

Bake the haunted house of your darkest dream. Nordic Ware’s haunted manor Bundt pan has a ten-cup volume, so it will feed plenty of your visiting vampires, zombies, and fiends. (But if you prefer a haunted castle, you can go with their turreted Bundt pan boasting plenty of walls and hollows to populate with edible evil creatures.) Either way, decorating is sure to be a scream.Buy Now
Fred Gingerbread Man Skeleton Cookie Stamp, $8.05 on Amazon
Fred & Friends/Amazon

Bring a story-tale graveyard to the cookie table with gingerbread man skeletons. While our royal icing tutorial is for Christmas cookies, the same technique applies to these—and anyway, “The Nightmare Before Christmas” combined the two holidays to delightful effect already.Buy Now
Tovolo Coffin Cookie Cutters, 6 for $5.34 on Amazon

These coffin cookie cutters are accented with ghosts, spiderwebs, bats, mummies, vampires, and skeletons. You don’t have to ice them to bring on the grim grins…but you’ll probably want to.Buy Now
Wilton BOO Cookie Cutter, $4.99 on Amazon

If you’d rather spell it out, these cutters are full-caps screams. Those Os are aching to be iced to look like spiderwebs, jack-o’-lanterns, and eyes.Buy Now
Bakhuk Halloween Fondant Silicone Molds, 4 for $10.99 on Amazon

These silicone molds can be used to make fondant or chocolate decorations for cakes, cupcakes, and haunted gingerbread houses. The large pumpkin, bats, and spider are about 2 inches across, while the fourth mold makes tiny bats, ghosts, moons, stars, and jack-o’-lanterns.You can put the flat sides of two large pumpkins, spiders, or bats together to make 3D forms too—it’s almost like wizardry, really.Buy Now
Gross & Ghoulish
If you prefer to keep it creepy when it comes to the food, then you need these accessories to help you prep for your monster bash.
Nordic Ware Skull Cake Pan, $27.98 on Amazon
Nordic Ware/Amazon

Use your head. Nordic Ware’s large skull cake pan makes a happy (hey, it’s smiling) sight. If you’d rather serve small cakes than large ones, these small molds must be the skulls of shrunken heads. This lemon pound cake makes clean white skulls of either size. Add white food coloring to the mix, and brighten the sweet-crumbed bones of the dead—or coat them in a white chocolate glaze once the cake is cool. For extra-gross Halloween greatness, use patches of icing to stick on cropped licorice strings for tattered hair.Buy Now
Fun World Plastic Brain Jello Mold, $6.25 on Amazon
Fun World/Amazon

To prove the skull’s empty, set it next to a brain. Opaque pink Jello is ideal brain food, though if you want to keep it accurate (and somehow even more disgusting), go with something gray.Buy Now
Fun World Heart Jello Mold, $7.69 at Walmart
Fun World/Walmart

Or show some heart this Halloween. Fill this fist-sized mold to make Jello or red velvet no-bake cheesecake (use non-stick baking spray and set the cheesecake in the freezer for fifteen minutes, to make it easier to release—but nobody will complain if you serve an All Hallow’s broken heart). Thin a seedless red jam with water or brandy, and pour it over the unbeating heart for a pool of edible blood. Don’t worry if the sauce is lumpy; just say that the lumps are clots, raise your glass of deep red punch, and glide along.Buy Now
CybrTrayd Rat Molds, $6.68 on Amazon

Up the squirm factor with little morsels made in these rat-shaped molds. A touch of black food paste will turn white chocolate into dangerous rodent grey. Use candy melts to tint the tails pink for that extra “ick” factor and leave them around the snacks table, sniffing out the food. If you’re feeling truly ambitious (and atrocious), fill them with raspberry jam and custard.Buy Now

This story was written by Seanan Forbes on October 23, 2018 and updated by Jen Wheeler on October 7, 2019.
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