IDEAS | Fun + Easy Halloween Food + Snack Ideas

I've got a round up of fun + easy Halloween food ideas for you today!
Each image will contain a brief description on how I created the treat - and some will even have a link to access additional details.

Most of these treats and food ideas are brand new and a few are some favorites I've shared in the past.

All of them are meant to inspire you to get creative for the Halloween season while saving your energy for the big night of Trick or Treating! Enjoy sweet friends!!

HALLOWEEN CHOCOLATE BARK White chocolate with melted orange chocolate swirled in. Topped with pretzels, googly eyes, sixlets, icing skulls and Hershey's miniatures.
FRANKENSTEIN TREAT BAG Green party sacks, black construction paper faces and glued on googly eyes. Fill with candy.
BEWITCHING CUPCAKES Store-bought cupcakes, re-frosted -> recipe HERE.  Witch shoe cutouts - free printable here and DIY broom sticks - found here. 
HALFWAY HOMEMADE HALLOWEEN CUPCAKES Store-bought cupcakes + chocolate candy, chopped + cupcake toppers. (PICTURED: Rolos, KitKats, Reese's cups, mini Heath Bars and mini Hershey's bars)
EASY KIDS FRANKENSTEIN THEMED HALLOWEEN DINNER Hotdogs, French fries and a shake...all of the free Halloween Food Printables -> HERE
Store-bought caramel popcorn, chopped peanut butter cups, 
drizzled chocolate and pre-made icing ghosts.
KITTY CAT TREAT CUPS Clear plastic cups, 2 festive napkins and your favorite candy. Slide into a treat bag...or not.
MONSTER EYE COOKIES Store-bought cookies, melted orange and green chocolate wafers, and a googly eye.
MONSTER TOES ON-A-STICK Wood skewers and mini paydays candy bar
HALLOWEEN TREAT BAGS Clear cellophane bags, foil covered Hershey's kisses, FREE printable faces -> HERE!
PHANTOM PEANUT BUTTER CUPS Peanut butter cups and googly eyes
EASIEST HALLOWEEN BROWNIES Store-bought chocolate frosted brownies, orange and green sixlets and ghost icing decorations
WICKEDLY DELICOUS MONSTER COOKIES Full blog post with FREE tags -> HERE! Two store-bought chocolate chips cookies sandwiched together with store-bought buttercream frosting, (both from the grocery store bakery), dipped in chocolate, sprinkled with crushed cookies, sprinkles and finished with optional googly eyes. 
MONSTER MILKSHAKES Any of your favorite chocolate candies used to top off any milkshake flavor of choice. Tip: Add a large googly eye to a peanut butter cup and gently add to wood skewer  before adding to milkshake. Gives it added height and keeps it from sinking.
I hope you LOVED this round up I put together.
I even created my first IGTV video using these ideas and will be sharing it on my Instagram feed later today! It was so fun putting it together!!

As always, if you try any of these ideas...please come back and share your results!
I'd love to hear all about it!!

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KEEPING IT REAL I know this is going to sound nuts to some of you but I put some Christmas decor up over the weekend - even though it's not even Halloween yet.
Here's why: After a not so enjoyable November and December last year, my goal this year is to have Christmas up by November 1st so I can actually enjoy the holidays this year. I'll be able to bake and wrap gifts and just "BE" instead of running around like a crazy person. That's the goal anyway.  #Halloween #HalloweenFood #HalloweenTreats #RoundUp
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