How to Sell Your Old Stuff Online for Cold, Hard Cash

Whether you're swept up in Marie Kondo mania, have decided it's time to finally live out your tiny house dream, or just need some extra shelf space, if you plan on clearing out clutter, it's likely that you're going to be stuck with a heck ton of stuff you don't need anymore. And sure, you can bag it up, and lug it to an already overflowing dump or donate it at the nearest farmers market drop-off...but wait, you could also sell it and make some cash! Well, most of it.

That old pair of low-rise jeans you thought you'd revive but didn't, the overpriced juicer you thought you'd use religiously (but never did), those shoes that looked avant-garde when you bought them but now just make you wonder what you were thinking...they can all be sold online. And if you're already cringing thinking of all the work involved—having to sift through it all, make sort piles, organize items and price them, not to mention actually list them—we're here to tell you it doesn't need to be that hard. To help you along, we have five (somewhat) easy-to-follow steps, that will help you trade in the goods hiding in your closet for some cold, hard cash. So roll up your sleeves, and start selling!


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