Friends Central Perk LEGO Set: A Prefect Gift for Friends Fans

Every Halloween, building up a LEGO Haunted house [check on amazon] together becomes a tradition in my family. While this year, when I checked the LEGO site again to find the new set, I came across the Friend’s center park set.

I heard it many times while never really checked it out. It is a collectible model of the Central Perk Cafe created by a LEGO fan to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the legendary TV show. The whole sets includes 1,070-piece and 7 LEGO mini figures.

The nostalgia-inducing toy features iconic elements from the legendary sitcom stage. The gang’s signature sofa is front and center, along with other additions such as a platform with a guitar and a mic so that Phoebe can play her classic “Smelly cat”. Ross has his keyboard, Rachel has a tray and coffee cup, Monica’s muffin is close by, Chandler’s laptop is in tow, and Joey has a pizza that he just won’t share. Even Gunther, the barista is also imagined as a mini-fig, as are his espresso machine and broom.

The whole set costs $59.99, however, it is temporarily out of stock [lego site]. Hope it can re-stock soon since I know it will be a perfect gift for “Friends” fan.

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