Cleaning Tools & Floor Care Product


Good sanitation is almost as important to a successful restaurant as the quality of its food (an overly dry chicken breast has never summoned the health inspector!). To ensure the highest level of cleanliness in your restaurant or commercial kitchen, rely on JES for the right supplies at the best prices.


Carlisle Baseboard Scrub Brush is the perfect way to prioritize sanitation in your establishment. The 10” hardwood block with 1-¾” DuPont Tynex nylon bristles cleans floors efficiently and thoroughly. A case of 12 is value priced at $290. 

Cleaning Chemicals

BK Resources Sheila Shine Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish is the go-to solution for restaurants that wish to preserve and protect their stainless steel cookware and equipment against deterioration of any kind. At $165 for a case of 12, you’ll benefit from these features:
10-ounce aerosol can (x12)
Low VOC formulation
Removes greasy film
Resists fingerprints and streaking
Food Safety Tools
San Jamar Kleen-Pails are the ideal general-use buckets for back-of-house operations. With 6 qts. of storage for only $6, these are one of the most helpful kitchen sanitation items. 
Here’s why we consider them a must-have:
Dishwasher safe
Ergonomic handle with bail handle design
Graduated markings
Meets HACCP Guidelines

Trash Receptacles 

Our commercial-grade waste containers come in a variety of sizes and can hold anything from used paper towels in the bathrooms to a customer’s unfinished meal. 

Keep the environment clean and safe with our line of Recycling Bins and Safety Receptacles. 

The Carlisle Bronco Recycle Waste Container is thick, durable, and allows you to be a steward of the earth. Value priced at $124 for 6, you can’t go wrong with these rounded, 20-gallon deals. 

Commercial Trash Cans

Continental Huskee Container is made of engineered resins and can handle large volumes of trash. At $129, these containers are built-to-last, meaning they will rarely require replacement. 

Durability and dependability are in the details:
10-gallon capacity
17-1/2 inch x 15-3/4 inch dia.
General purpose waste
Outdoor Trash Receptacles 

Update International Crack Resistant Outdoor Trash Receptacle is thick enough to withstand the outdoor elements and light enough to easily carry. This 35-gallon square trash receptacle is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use and is value priced at $58. 


Carlisle Wet Mop Head will leave your restaurant’s surfaces sanitized, fresh, and clean. JES offers a case of 12 professional grade mops for a cost-saving of $126. 

Each mop boasts these features: 
Medium Sized
Looped-end, for greater efficiency
Washable, for easy cleaning
White microfiber yarn with red 5”W vinyl-coated band
Mop Buckets

Update MBK-9 Yellow Mop Bucket and Wringer features the classic efficiency of janitorial equipment, and is offered for only $46. These features make this portable bucket durable and easy to use:
Includes wringer
36-quart bucket
Polypropylene construction
Floor Sweepers

Expect success with Carlisle Multi-Surface Duo-Sweeper. This brushless, low profile sweeper will make after hours clean-up a breeze. At $167 for a case of 4, enjoy these premium features:
Large capacity dust bin
Ergonomic swivel steel handle
Non-marking wheels, rubber blades, and bumpers

Caution Sign 

Make guests’ safety a priority, while ensuring your restaurant’s cleanliness. Update International Caution Floor Signs clearly indicate areas which may be slippery, and therefore ought to be avoided. Their cone-shaped Wet Floor Sign is an eye-catching yellow and features text in multiple languages. Value priced at $12, this caution sign is a must-have. 

Anticipate your customer and staff needs, and ensure their safety with Adcraft’s Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat. This 3’ x 5’ durable black mat can prevent potential hazardous slips and falls. Champion safety and caution in your front-of-house and back-of-house for only $72! 

Here’s why we love it: 
7/8" thick
Heavy duty rubber matting
Anti-slip connector strip on one side
Grease resistant
Excellence is in the details. Wow customers with a spotless dining area, using Carlisle Duo-Sweep Lobby Angle Broom. With a case of 12 value priced at $167, your establishment could be freshly swept and wonderfully inviting. 
48"L black metal handle, 12" wide head
Flagged polypropylene bristles
Flared and Balanced
(2) handle holes: upright and angled
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