6 Best Handy Vacuuming Tips For Hassle Free Home Cleaning

Vacuum cleaners have become a common commodity in most households. Due to technological advancements, this cleaning machine has become quite user-friendly and handy too. 

However, some people face problems cleaning their homes with a vacuum cleaner. This is generally because they lack proper knowledge regarding handy vacuum cleaner use and care. If you are going through the same problem, it is time to know the techniques of using a vacuum cleaner effortlessly.

Here are some easy and efficient tips you can follow to clean your house quickly with a vacuum cleaner. 

1. Clean up the floor multiple times

Nowadays, small vacuum cleaners with minimum weight are available on the market and provides the comfort of easy cleaning. To keep your home dust free, you should clean your house multiple times.

Use your cleaner in the crisscross pattern as you run it thoroughly over the floor. To cut down on accumulation and needed efforts, you can make a routine to clean your house at least once a day.

If you have a pet in your house, frequent vacuum cleaner use can help to eliminate pet hair. 

2. Keep away all small objects

Vacuum cleaners are mainly used to clean the floors and walls of a house. It works on the basic mechanism of suction. So, you should remove all the small objects from your floor and walls before cleaning.

Make sure you pick up small items and toys from the floor. Likewise, you should move small photo frames from the walls to keep them safe, as they can get stuck to the vacuum cleaner. 

The presence of small objects restricts you to operate the vacuum cleaner in a crisscross manner to get the optimum level of cleaning. They can also get logged in the vacuum and disrupt the suction and possibly break your machine.

3. Put the cleaner on the right setting

In most of cases, people use the vacuum cleaner on the general setting. However, there are multiple settings which make cleaning different types of surfaces easier and more productive. 

You should always go through the types of settings available on your vacuum cleaner and use them when necessary. This not only ensures proper cleanup but also minimizes your efforts. 

The settings of a vacuum cleaner depend on the height of the surface. If you are cleaning a wood floor or a shaggy carpet, always change the settings of the vacuum to get the best results. Remember, the right settings of a cleaner enhance its longevity.  

4. clean out the canister or bag frequently

When using the vacuum cleaner regularly,  you must always change the vacuum bag or collection canister. Generally, the brands suggest a canister change after every 4 to 5 cleaning sessions.

The unchanged canister can lead to overexertion while cleaning. as it can stop the cleaner from performing efficiently. People generally show reluctancy in changing the canister as it is a tricky job, and can be messy. The more often you clean out a vacuum, the easier it will be though.

Some vacuum cleaners come with attached trash bags. You need to change these frequently too. The bags are generally clipped into the cleaner and all you have to do is to open the clips and change it. 

5. Avoid applying vacuum cleaner on stains

You should not use a vacuum to try to clean any stains as they are not designed to remove stains from spills. However, there are spot cleaners to help you remove stains from any surface. 

You should always apply spot cleaners on fresh stains to get the best results. Once you have applied the spot cleaner, you can clean it once again with a vacuum cleaner. Avoid allowing a stain to get old as they dry up and get tougher to remove. 

6. Change parts and service when necessary

Like any other machine, vacuum cleaners generally have spare parts and you should use them whenever necessary. Like the floor settings option, there are different attachments that provide better use for hard surfaces vs fabric surfaces. Take some time to read the manual to become familiar with all of the attachment features that your vacuum has.

An old cleaner can increase the amount of time and energy needed when it comes to regular usage. The leading vacuum cleaner makers give a prolonged warranty period. In some cases you can get free service and repair. If your vacuum isn’t performing properly, and you can’t figure out how to fix it, you should call an expert and seek suggestions.

Final Words

Very few people have time to clean the house in traditional old fashion ways. Moreover, it is a tiring process to clean the dust with a broom from every corner of the house. Vacuum cleaners can act as a support system when it comes to regularly cleaning the house with minimum efforts. If you are newbie operating a vacuum cleaner, follow these tips to get the best results.

However, you need to choose the right model that can provide you with the comfort of handy vacuum cleaning and eliminate all microbes and dust mites that can cause allergies and harmful diseases. When buying a vacuum cleaner, you must always check the price, features, materials and warranty. Generally, a quality machine can be expensive and you should research thoroughly before buying one.