50+ Halloween Costumes For Men That You Can DIY on the Cheap

Guys, we know that shopping for a Halloween costume is a time-consuming task, and odds are you probably don't even have to. If you want a funny costume that will be the best of the best, trust us when we say there's something so gratifying about making your own Halloween costume out of whatever's lying around the house, and sometimes you just need a little inspiration to make sense of the random clothes you have hiding in your closet. You know that flannel shirt you haven't worn in ages will work for some kind of costume . . . but, what is it? Well, fellas, we have answers for you, ranging from simple ideas to ones that will take a little more effort. Keep reading for more than 50 DIY costume ideas that you can throw together with minimal effort with things you probably already have. These are scary good.
- Additional reporting by Lauren Harano
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