3 Space-saving Christmas trees you can DIY from upcycled materials

Over the years Ive lived in some rather small homes and its been difficult to decorate for Christmas in such a compact space. However, thats never stopped me from filling my home with festive decor each December and, in fact, Ive quite enjoyed the challenge of making my own DIY space-saving Christmas trees. Here are three ways to upcycle pallets, pipes and paint to create your own unique festive decor that doesnt take up too much space


This cute little Christmas tree was made entirely from pallet wood that Ive upcycled into a vibrant green tree with space to hang your favourite baubles and decorations. Plus, it has a bucket base that you can fill with sweets, treats and gifts. But the most exciting part of the project was adding a neon outline to illuminate the Christmas tree shape, which also means you dont need to find a plug socket for fairy lights etc.

The result is a space-saving, wall-mounted wooden Christmas tree that can be used time and again, that also lights up your home for the festive season with an ultra-cool green neon light. Heres the step-by-step guide to make your own neon Christmas tree from pallets.


This space-saving Christmas tree has a minimalist feel and is just enough to bring some festive sparkle into your home this December. Its easy to make using leftover copper-pipe (which I have discovered is SO easy to clean up, so if you find some in a skip GRAB IT!) and an old broom handle. I made a step-by-step video that shows you exactly how to make this space-saving, minimalist Christmas tree.

This Christmas tree is freestanding and the battery-powered fairy lights mean you can stand it anywhere in your home the hallway, on top of a sideboard, in your home office etc. The wire fairy lights reflect off the polished copper pipes, giving the whole tree an ethereal, almost luxurious feel and brings a cosy glow to the room.


This Christmas tree is one of the most useful space-saving trees youll ever some across, as it doubles up as a set of shelves. It is undoubtedly a fir tree shape and the distressed edges in glinting gold give it a festive feel. The tree is wall-mounted, so it doesnt take up any floor space (which is handy when youve not got much room to spare) and you can use the shelves as storage for Christmas cards or gifts.

Ive draped battery-powered fairy lights around my wall-mounted Christmas tree shelves so that it glows just like a traditional tree. And you could always attach some extra hooks to the front of the shelves if you want to hang your favourite baubles too.

The shelves are the ideal place to stash pots of festive sweets, cane canes and chocolate coins. Plus, the hooks below turn the tree into a mantelpiece, as somewhere to hang up your stocking for Santa to fill on Christmas eve. Heres the tutorial (with measurements) to make this wall-mounted Christmas tree for yourself.

I hope these DIY projects have given you inspiration for creating your own space-saving Christmas tree when you dont have much spare room to decorate for Christmas. Let me know your ideas and how youve managed to decorate in a small pace in the comments below