Well, summer has flown by and September is here already – and with it comes a host of new-season launches. I’ve already covered some of my favourite autumn-winter collections and there are several more to come over the next few weeks, but today I want to round up some other interesting bits and bobs that have caught my eye. There’s everything from minimalist home accessories and lighting to a nature-inspired paint range, so just read on for details…

Collaborative pieces from Cooee Design

First up is one of my all-time favourites, Swedish brand Cooee Design, which has launched several new pieces created in collaboration with Norwegian designers. From Hans-Christian Bauer are the elegant ‘Swoop’, which is a modern take on traditional handled candlesticks and comes in black or brass; the similarly lightweight ‘Book Ring’ book end, which also comes in black and brass and almost looks as if it’s floating on the shelf; and the sculptural marble ‘Shoulder’ book end, which is available in black or white. And from Lars Tornøe is a collection of porcelain vases and pots called ‘Clover’, whose distinctive triple-curve shape references both geometric and botanical forms. There are several colours and sizes to choose from, all with the matte, powdery surface that Cooee Design’s ceramics have become known for.

All the new pieces will be available to buy later this month (prices tbc).

Sustainable steel accessories from Design Of

Sticking with news from Sweden, minimalist steel furniture brand Design Of has teamed up with three renowned female designers – Frida Nilsson, Lovisa Häger and Pella Hedeby – to launch a collection of accessories focusing on sustainability. Each was invited to create their own product using waste metal from the company’s production process, and the results are beautiful and incredibly versatile. Frida has designed the ‘Detail Bowl’ – a square container which almost looks as if it’s been folded together, and which can be used for storing and displaying items all around the house. There’s also a folded look to Lovisa’s piece, the ‘Palette’, which was inspired by the way shadows fall. It was originally conceived as a pen holder for desks, but it works equally well with jewellery and other bits and bobs, or even as a decorative object in its own right. Pella, meanwhile, has created portrait- and landscape-format ‘A4 Portfolio Boards’, which can be used to display pictures (either flat or leaning against a wall) or combined together to form a sleek storage file. All three designs are available in black, white and beige and cost €46 each.

New lighting designs from Nuura

Another product launch to grab my attention comes from Danish lighting brand Nuura, which has released a black and opal-glass version of its ‘Blossi’ table lamp. Created by Sofie Refer and already available in brass with a clear-glass shade, the lamp was inspired by the shape of trees and aims to capture the beauty of Scandinavia’s golden autumn light. The new colour combination adds a minimalist, contemporary edge to the design and has a unique, almost velvety finish. It’s priced at €609 / £549.

Nuura has also introduced a new, larger version of its beautifully understated ‘Miira’ pendant lamp, which I have in my hallway. Sporting a shade with a diameter of 200mm (as opposed to 140mm), it’s ideal for the centre of rooms or for big spaces; it can also be hung alongside the original for a striking look. It’s accompanied by larger versions of the ‘Miira 3’, ‘Miira 6’ and ‘Miira 13’ chandeliers, too. Prices start at €409 / £369 for the single pendant.

Beautiful brooms from Northern  

Next up is Norwegian brand Northern, which has redesigned the humble broom in a bid to prove that functional household tools can be beautiful. Working with two different studios, Bergen-based Vera & Kyte and Oslo-based Gridy, it has created the ‘Mim’ outdoor broom and the ‘Cane’ dustpan and broom set, both of which are available to buy now. The circular-headed ‘Mim’ design (€139 / £119) replaces rustic features with a sleek geometric aesthetic and has sturdy bristles in black or yellow; it also comes with a hanging loop and an aluminium peg. The waist-high ‘Cane’ set (€169 / £150) is available in black, warm beige or rust, and is designed to be as ergonomic and easy to use as possible. Ingeniously, magnets hidden in the top of each handle bring the two parts together, creating a distinctive curved silhouette.

Nature-inspired colours from Farrow & Ball

Turning to paint, Farrow & Ball has teamed up with London’s Natural History Museum to create a brand-new collection called ‘Colour by Nature’. Each of the 16 hues is based on entries in Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours, a classification of colour in nature that was published in 1814 and used by Charles Darwin on the voyage of HMS Beagle. My favourites, of course, sit at the more muted end of the spectrum – ‘Skimmed-Milk White’, ‘Ash Grey’, ‘Crimson Red’ (actually a dusty pink), ‘Broccoli Brown’ – but there’s something to please everyone, from calming neutrals to vibrant yellows and greens. All the new shades will be available in a choice of five interior finishes from 19th September, but you can pre-order a colour card from Farrow & Ball’s website now.

New additions to Moebe’s innovative shelving system

Last but not least is Danish design studio Moebe. It has expanded its clever shelving system with a cabinet add-on, together with a new white-lacquer option that can be used on its own or mixed and matched with the existing oak and black elements. The system is based around wedges that let you secure the shelves at any height and already includes desk and clothes-bar add-ons. The cabinet will make it even more versatile, as it can be placed wherever you want and allows for shelves on either side. It comes flat-packed and, like the rest of the system, can be assembled without any additional tools (the sides are held together by dowels and the doors simply click into place). Both it and the white colourway will be on sale from October, with prices starting at €535 for the basic system and €335 for the cabinet.

All photography via the brands above

Disclaimer: I have been gifted a couple of the products mentioned above and have shared photos of them on Instagram, but I would have included them in this round-up anyway and was not asked to do so by the brands concerned. 

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