Happy fall! I know it doesn’t feel like it for us West Coasters, but today marks Day 1 of Fall 2019. Even if it’s still 90 degrees where you live (thank you, California), you can still take this date as a welcome embrace to some positive changes in your life. Instead of only thinking of fresh starts on New Years, try thinking about it each season. It’s much more doable that way. Here are 10 ideas for freshening up the self-development today and in new seasons to come.

1. Make a list of seasonal produce you want to try (p.s. September ideas right here).

2. Clear your space with this practice.

3. Set aside a few hours to have a self-assessment day. This exercise will help! Also suggest giving yourself those hours to sip tea, meditate, take the time to intentionally assess where you’re at, and hit reset on everything.

4. Instead of shopping because stores are telling you to, especially at the start of fall, be thoughtful about it. Consider a shopping freeze as you save some items you’re eyeing and figure out if you truly need them.

5. Assess what toxic things you can get rid of – here’s a list of 50 ideas that might inspire!

6. Do some perusing and find 5-10 recipes that you can put on repeat. It’ll make life so. much. easier.

7. Make a seasonal effort to volunteer or contribute to your community. Beach clean-ups, feeding the homeless, and closet donations can happen any time of the year, it doesn’t have to match a specific season or holiday. And yes, raking your old neighbor’s leaves counts, or so does paying someone’s parking meter. Basically, make an effort to do good.

8. Re-check your fitness habits. You don’t need to be doing HIIT or running marathons, but are you happy with your current movement? If not, find simple ways to get more.

9. Set an intention for the season or find a mantra or question to repeat daily. What are you needing in this season of life? For me this season, I’m going with ‘Loosen the reigns’ to deal with some control issues in my personal and professional life.

10. Create a really yummy evening routine! Enjoy the season!

Do you have a ritual to welcome new seasons?


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