Are you a fan of KAVU bags?  I hadn't even heard of them until recently when my daughter Caroline was begging me for one.  We spent weeks checking out prices in the shops but ended up finding the VERY best deals are online!

We ordered Caroline a Kavu Bag (the pineapple print!) when it was on sale – but now there are some NEW styles that have dropped in price!

These rarely EVER get marked down so low, so this is a perfect time to snag one for Christmas
Here are a few of the best marked-down styles on Kavu Rope Bag: Jewel Chevron – Only $29.99! Got Dots – Under $30 Space Pop – Under $32 Peach – $34.99 Black Batik (Shown in the top picture of this post!) Sparklers – Under $35 Mini Specks – Under $33 Row House – Under $33 Galaxy – Under $36 Peony – Under $38
And here are a few more on mark-down:
Mesa – Around $36 Mysterious – Under $38 Luminous – Under $38
Kavu Backpack

I also spotted an awesome deal on this Kavu For Keeps Backpack for under $24! (Reg $35)

And this Kavu Keepalong Bag in “Swan Love” for under $25 (Reg $35)

This would be a great little gift to stash away in the present closet

KAVU Bags have GREAT Resale Value

One of the things to keep in mind when you're spending a little more on a trendy accessory is their resale value.  KAVU bags routinely go for $20 – $40 (even if their quite used) on places like the FB Marketplace, Ebay and other online yardsale type sites.

So you don't have to worry too much if your teen stops loving the pattern they pick out today – because you'll be able to turn around and sell it and get most of your money back tomorrow!



Let us know if you're able to score a great deal!


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