10 Ways That Spring Cleaning Can Save You Money

If I told you spring cleaning is beneficial to your wallet, would that motivate you to pull out a broom? Admittedly, spring cleaning is tedious, and I can certainly think of more fun things to do, but saving money is worth getting your hands dirty. How’s that for motivation?
Here’s how spring cleaning can save and even make you money!
Vacuum Refrigerator Coils

Your fridge coils are collecting dust as you read this post and this impairs the fridge’s efficiency. This means your fridge is working extra hard to keep things cool. This means you’re paying for this in your utilities bill. Yikes! To keep your unit running smoothly, make sure to vacuum the coils every few months.

Reduce Clutter

Not only will your place look bigger once you’ve decluttered the space, but completing this chore can bring in money! Making money from spring cleaning is easy as long as you’re willing to part with items you no longer need. Look for money makers in every room including your garage, attic, and basement! We’ve got a declutter plan that will make it easy for you to find hidden money-makers. Plus, knowing what you have will keep you from buy duplicates!

Dust Light Bulbs and Shades

Do your lights look a little dimmer? The bulbs may still have more life in them, but the dust collecting on them is the culprit. Instead of turning on more lights, keep bulbs and shades dust free to achieve your desired brightness. If it’s time to switch out bulbs, make sure to use the energy efficient ones.

Clean the pantry and fridge

Keeping a clean and organized pantry, freezer, and fridge means you’ll know exactly what you have and what needs to be used up. Food waste is costly! When everything is organized and visible, it gets used up before it goes bad. Consider making a list of everything in your freezer and in your pantry so you’re less likely to buy something you already have.

Clean out your car

Spring cleaning is not only for your home. Clean out your car to save money on gas costs! The extra junk in your car’s truck is weighing it down and lowering the fuel efficiency. Removing anything that you don’t need to carry will help you save money when it comes time to fill up. With the cost of gas right now, you are sure to save a bundle!

Clean the Oven, Stovetop Burners and Toaster Oven

Baked on goop can keep the unit from operating efficiently and heating evenly. That means no more burnt food going in the trash! A quick clean every night can help solve this problem. But if you haven’t cleaned these items in a while, you may need to use a little elbow grease.

Clean windows and doors

Not only will cleaning windows let more light in your home, but you’ll be able to check the areas around windows and doors for debris that may be keeping them from closing all the way. If there isn’t a tight seal, air leaks causing the heater or air conditioner to work harder costing you money.

Clean Dishwasher and Washing Machine

Run a load with just white vinegar to remove deposits and gunk and make them run more efficiently. As an added bonus, you’ll also eliminate any odors with this tip.

Clean the dryer vent

Build up on your dryer can pose a fire danger and lessens the unit’s efficiency. The dryer will run more efficiently when the vent is clean so that air can flow freely. This will reduce the need to suck up more electricity to dry clothes.


When it comes to spring cleaning, you may forget about your computers but it’s also important to keep it clean and updated. Many of us have important documents in our computers that need to be filed. Plus, you’ll also need your computer to spring clean your finances. The problem with forgetting to clean your computer on a regular basis is that it can shorten its life. If you can extend its life, you’ll be negating the need to spend hundreds of dollars too soon.

Besides all the money-saving benefits mentioned above, cleaning your home can reduce your medical bills as you’ll be reducing dust that can cause allergies.
What spring cleaning is on your to do list?

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